Flood June 2018

Island in the Sun

We had a very wet winter and spring which peaked in June 2018.  The ground was already completely saturated when the North of France had weeks of continuous heavy rainfall which resulted in many rivers downstream bursting their banks including the River Sarthe.  The locals were astounded, never seeing the river flooded outside of winter months.  Fortunately, the campsite is much higher than the river and although the roads out of the campsite were cut off with the flood water we remained an island.

Luckily, we had moved our vehicle to higher ground in the village and were able to wade out of the site to buy provisions including a new boat.  We then had great fun boating our guests to and from the campsite until the water subsided.

Living next to the river is an amazing place to live, but as with any river there is always the risk of flooding. We learnt a great deal from this experience, which will hold us in good stead.

Martyn and Louise xxx